#1 At Home Business Opportunity of 2023

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CreditLYFT, is a website designed to help people give their credit score the “LYFT” it needs for them to receive more approvals with better interest rates for lending that they are trying to do. What you will do is promote the website and sell the service. After you have made the sale, we will jump in and Coach through the process to boost their credit score with a step-by-step plan designed for them.  The price is for Coaching services only, it does not include any fees associated with each trade line that we set them up with.  This is NOT an Authorized User Product, each one of our trade references are genuinely their tradeline that they can even share with another.

There are three options for you to make money. As an “Affiliate”, you can join for FREE and are paid once on each sale. If you sell more and meet bonus guidelines, you will receive additional bonuses.  You are paid on the 5th and 20th of each month via check, Zelle or Venmo, up to you.  It’s easy to sign-up at https://creditlyft.org/affiliate-home/. You will be able to sign-in and get a specific link that attaches each person (that uses your link) directly to you.  This is how you get paid. You will not be alone, if you have questions, you can always email us contact@CreditLYFT.org. You will also be given your supervisors number to text or call during business hours in-case of an emergency.

If you are that person that is an entrepreneur and want to make CreditLYFT your business or add-on service to a business you currently have then, you will want to consider investing in our “Vision Diamond” program that allows you to make more money not only when you sell a coaching package, but it also allows you to recruit additional like mind individuals, and make money off of them when they sell coaching packages and recruit too.  See the charts below to see the payout for Affiliates and Diamond Owners.

So, there it is… a gist of what we are offering.  If you have questions or are ready to get started, you can email us and we will schedule a time to talk.

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